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We devote to bring China the most quality Natual Raw Material to you by the reasonable price ,the Stable supplying , the effencient working , and the safe trading  by heart and soul.

Mushroom Extracts

Mushroom Extracts are  more and more popular in the diet supplment of immunity and The beta-glucans is the the most important active ingredient

Organic Ingredient

All Organic Ingredient is made of  Organic certificated raw material and pass the  related test of heavy metal and Residual solvents by the authorized third part

Natural Colors

  1. Cranberry Extract
  2. Turmeric Extract
  3. Mulberry Extract
  4. Blueberry Extract
  5. Butterfly Pea Flower Powder

Instant Tea&Fruit&Vegetable Powder

Instant Tea Powder&Fruit&Vegetable Powder

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder

We use natrual fermeted Apple Cider Vinegar liquid to produce Apple Cider Vinegar powder and provide the test report of HPTLC by Alkmist Lab at the  . we also get Organic Certification of Apple Cider Vinegar Liquid and Powder in 2020.

Botanical Extracts

We mainly provide Chinese Native botanical Extacts

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